Frequently Asked Questions

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I see patients with both hepatitis B and C, can I discuss both disease areas with my mentor?

Absolutely! The mentoring sessions are designed for you to discuss any issues or questions relating to viral hepatitis whether that be HBV or HCV.

Can a mentee have more than one mentor?

If you would like to be linked with more than one mentor please discuss this with the Mentoring Project Coordinator. We will facilitate this where possible.

Are there opportunities for networking with other mentees / mentors?

Yes. As the project develops, ASHM will be hosting clinical update and networking workshops with other mentors and mentees to facilitate mentoring skills development and to share learnings from successful partnerships. There is also the online forum which provides a platform for asking questions and sharing information. Please see here for more information and to sign up

I am not finding the relationship with my current mentee / mentor useful, can I be linked with an alternative?

If you feel the relationship is not meeting your needs please first discuss this with your mentoring partner and see if there are changes that could be made to enhance the relationship. Perhaps consider going back to the first mentoring session template and discussing what you both hoped to gain from the sessions/relationship. However, if you would prefer to be linked with an alternative mentor / mentee please contact the Mentoring Project Coordinator and we will endeavour to facilitate this for you.

I would prefer not to provide my mobile number to my mentee / mentor, is this ok?

While we would encourage you to provide a method of real-time contact you are certainly not obliged to do so. If you are uncomfortable providing your mobile number please indicate this on the application form, found here.

I would prefer to meet with my mentee / mentor on an ad hoc basis rather than at set dates throughout the year, is this ok?

Yes. It is expected that at least the first meeting is face to face and within a reasonable time of entering the mentoring program and being matched with your mentee / mentor however, subsequent meetings can be face to face, via email, via skype or by telephone contact and at whatever point in time you both agree to.

I am an experienced GP with a lot of viral hepatitis experience, can I be a mentor?

Yes. All experienced viral hepatitis clinicians are welcome to join the pool of mentors providing they are keen to share knowledge, answer questions and offer clinical advice and support. Please fill in the application form here and return it to the Mentoring Project Coordinator.

By participating in the program can I claim RACGP QI&CPD points?

Attendance at the Mentoring Program Launch Evening and further Mentoring Project educational updates are worth Category 2 CPD points (see individual update alerts for more information). In addition, you may wish to consider submitting your participation in the program as a Quality Improvement Activity. Please see here for more details: