Application to be a mentee

The Mentoring Program aims to develop a professional relationship in which an experienced viral hepatitis clinician
(the mentor) and a GP working with patients with viral hepatitis (the mentee) share knowledge, answer questions
and offer clinical advice and support.

Mentors and mentees should schedule at least 4 meetings per year. It is expected that at least the first of these
meetings will be face to face. Following that, each partnership is encouraged to establish a way of working
together that works for them

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on geographical proximity, practice context and/or referral
pathways. Although every effort will be made to match mentors and mentees within the same vicinity, you
may be matched with a mentor outside of your immediate area. Mentor allocation can be discussed with the
Mentoring Program Coordinator.

Please submit this form to the ASHM Mentoring Program Coordinator. The information may be shared with a
potential mentor unless you indicate otherwise.

Download the Application to be a Mentee